Early "Anglers Omnibus"

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Early "Anglers Omnibus"

Post by Marrakai » Tue Oct 06, 2009 7:02 pm

Here's a trio of oldies: Editions 2, 3, & 4 of the Aussie "Anglers Omnibus".
They are rather difficult to date, but pretty sure the 4th Edition came out in 1965 (I was eight!).

The 2nd Edition could be as early as 1958: it contains a page of world casting records correct as at 31st October 1957 (the month I was born!). Image

Anyone have a first edition?

Sadly, these books pre-date the mid to late-sixties lure explosion in Australia when imports from the US and Europe really opened up the field. Only a couple of the 100-odd short 'chapters' actually deal with lures, specifically "Lures and Lines for Spinning" and "Spin-Fish for Bigger Bags", very light-weight treatments of land-based rock spinning.

Most of the lures pictured are lead-head feather jigs and Hardy rock & surf spinners, with a Bellbrook Swayback or two thrown in. There is in fact a delightful full-page advert for Hardy's Lures in the 2nd Edition featuring the Tailor-Ticer, Goblin, Riggle-Rite, Twirler, Mack-Master and Cunje-Dodger.
<click to enlarge>

As an aside, W.R.Hardy's lures were great! I used a tiny gold Hardy 'Imp' spoon to good effect on redfin in Sth Qld as a kid, and later on sooties and jungle perch in NQ, eventually losing it to a jack in 1974. Should have bought ten of them- the replacement Halco copies just didn't quite have the correct balance or weight distribution (or somethin'), and weren't nearly as effective.

...and BTW, I chose the Anglers Omnibus 7th Edition for a high-school form prize in 1972 ! Talk about keen! Image

Anyone know how many editions they published all up? My latest is the 15th edition dated 1978.

Although primitive by today's standard, these publications made a huge contribution to angler awareness during the 1960s and early '70s.
Quite simply, they were the only game in town!
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Re: Early "Anglers Omnibus"

Post by oldfish » Tue Oct 06, 2009 10:53 pm

First Edition 1956.

Last I know of was the 19th edition of 1987.

You've got me keen to get them out of storage down the shed and look for old lure advertisements.

The "Omnibus" was compiled and edited by Rodger Hungerford who was also responsible for a whole heap of other books between 1958 to 1988.


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