Muskie Topwater

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Muskie Topwater

Post by diemai » Thu Aug 27, 2009 3:23 pm

G'day , people ,

Not much going on in here recently , so I've thought about displaying this one !

You may not be familiar to this type of lure(nor we are in Europe) , since it is a typical US topwater lure for the "mighty muskie" .

Got this one in terms of a lure swap with a Belgian friend years ago(he must have got it from the US , obviously) , .......I can't tell about it's origin and/or manufacturer , but I suppose , that it is a homemadie or at least made by a tinkerer selling custom made lures in small quantities .

These kinda lures with the typical heavy tail blade attached to a rotating wire loop are known as "flaptails" , they are to resemble a creature , bird or mammal swimming along the surface , .......they draw most attention under calm conditions .

The retrieve has to be made quite slow , .....I have heard from an American angler , that if the blade gets to spin , one's going too fast , .......the heavy(at least 1mm thick) , moderately cupped blade should only flutter up'n'down ,... left'n'right , .....this way it causes a wake behind the lure , also slapping the surface and hitting the screw's head on the rear end of the lure body , both for added noise .

I have tried such lures(I have one or two made by myself as well) , but I haven't had any success on local pike with these yet -duh , ......this particular one I have never thrown .

greetz , diemai howdy
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