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Please read this and contribute

Post by Mully » Mon Jan 26, 2009 10:30 pm

Guys and girls i am asking for a bit of a write up of what Peter meant to you even if you didnt know him please add a bit of your opinion ,the topic will be presented to the Newell family as a sign of our respect to a top bloke and a sign he wont be forgotten...
I didnt know him personally and never spoke with him only his son and fiends but what i was told about him earned respect in my books.

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Re: Please read this and contribute

Post by bdowdy » Tue Jan 27, 2009 10:09 am

I knew peter not long compared to others but he was a great bloke, peter worked hard in our local fishing and restocking group and was always a great help with the commitee and even making lures for raffles and prizes for the club,he was that sort of bloke that if you wanted to know where to fish, how to fish,and what with, he would help in many times i asked him so many questions and he would help me everytime, even taking me fishing and giving lures and fishing rods ,books, so that it would make it easier for me to fish with, nothing was a hassle for peter.It was a pleasure to talk ,fish,with peter and he will never be forgotton, a great man.....brett

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Re: Please read this and contribute

Post by wazza » Tue Jan 27, 2009 8:25 pm

Peter was a gentleman who never failed to come over and shake your hand whether he hadn't seen you for 2 months or 2 days.Always willing to give advice or encouragement to anyone about lure making.
He was a master craftsman who could look at a lure and tell you if it was going to swim with a good action or not and if it wasn't he would tell you how to fix it so it would.
Peter had a sense of humour that will be missed,He could make a comment with an absolute straight face that would crack the whole camp up and just sit there with a smug grin.
I could sit for hours and listen to his stories that were funny,educational and just darn good yarns to the point of forgetting about going back out and fishing(the reason we were there).
I won't be the only one for along time that will be looking for Pete when the boy's get together for a fish, He was such a major part of why those weekends were so fun.
The last time i sore Peter he shared with me some stories of his childhood,His fishing exploites growing up and the history of his lure making over the years(the good the bad and the ugly) . These I feel most privliged to be told and they will be for ever ingrained in my memory.
The other side of Peter the man who loved his family, His grand children were the light of his life that was plain to see by anyone.
I wish i had Known Peter for longer than i did so i would have more memories of him but i can honestly say off those I have none are bad and the rest are cherrished.


Re: Please read this and contribute

Post by two-bob » Thu Feb 12, 2009 10:54 am

I first met Peter early 03 when my boss took me around to his place as he knew I loved fishing and had met Peter through work in years past (both ex coppers so they got along well) Since then I put in a number of orders with Peter which always took longer to complete than expected, up to 6mths, but the end product was always worth the wait with the finished products sporting a paint job and gleam better than any massed produced plastic job. I must admit I was happy to drive over the range to pick up my lures (always found something work related to justify me there :-) as I enjoyed pottering around his shed or having him show me his photo's which each had their own story attached to them. Peter was always helpful and gave advise freely and was always down to earth having I believed seen and done enough in his life that nothing had to be proved by boast. I now have an assortment of Lures from Barra to Bass that will be kept aside as there like will be hard to find again.

Here is a pic of my first ever barra caught on a Newell Scorpion in 05. Not a big fish but gee I was praising that lure that week after it accounted for a few more.


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Re: Please read this and contribute

Post by ropes.basstard » Sun Jun 28, 2009 11:08 pm

I was very lucky to meet Peter a couple of times. I have a habit of planning driving trips to Queensland so that I pass by "lure hotspots". The Newell residence was one of my favourites. I've always been a little disorganised and usually drop in unannounced. Not once was I turned away and there was never any indication of annoyance. Everytime I met Peter he was always open for a chat and enquired about the type of fishing I liked, the style of lures I use, but more importantly he would explain a wealth of things about his own lures. On one occaision he went into great detail about the history and technical problems that were experienced in his contribution to produce the Ploppy and how certain materials were prone to degenerate over time. I have fond memories of my few visits with Peter and rarely have I ever felt more excited walking around a house to enter someone else's garage. What appeared a garage on the outside was Aladin's cave inside. My brain would just melt down and I always struggled to make a decision on the lures I wanted, but I never left dissapointed. After each visit I departed with a treasure of information and as many lures as I could. In truth, with the exception of some aging Scorpions I've always valued these lures too much to use them routinely and most have not seen the water. Thank you Peter, you have truly made an impact on me and my interest in Australian fishing lures.

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Re: Please read this and contribute

Post by Powelly » Fri Jul 10, 2009 3:42 pm

I spent most of the '80s casting Rapala and Rebel lures, on 2lb and 4lb line, at trout in the Monaro region and at Coolah (spent 5 years at Dunedoo and 5lb rainbows were common), but I lost a lot of lures. To compensate for this loss, I started making my own trout lures - they were obviously home made, but they did catch trout.

I moved to Tenterfield in 1989. I was the Agriculture teacher there and Kath Newell worked in the library - it didn't take long to meet Pete! Pete and became good freinds and I'd spend many hours in his workshop - my lure making skills, obviously, rose to a whole new level. Peter gave me many of his lure templates to use, gave me lots of lure blanks to carve and painted many of those early lures for me. That's the kind of bloke that he was - generous and sharing. I have kept many of those early lures as a reminder of how far my lure making has progressed.

I only have a couple of signed Newell lures - a Kadaitcha, a Scorpion and a couple of Guppys - but I have heaps of lures that Pete gave me. He gave me a box full of Scorpion blanks, that he had carved and sanded, for me to finish off - there were about 20 - 30 Scorpion blanks , of different lengths in that box! I mention this only because it highlights what a generous man he was. He helped so many people, like me, to either get started in lure making or to take their lure making to a new level.

Pete was a humble, uncomplicated sort of a bloke. In my eyes, he was a legend but there was nothing pretentious about him. The first time that I took him fishing, he grabbed an old polystirene box (containing a tangled mess of lures) and a baitcaster, from the shed, and we headed down to the lower reaches of the Tenterfield Creek. I piled out of the Landcruiser, looking every part "the fisherman". Pete untangled about 3 lures from the mess in the box. One lure was attached to the rod and the other 2 shoved down inside his T-shirt. I think we managed to catch a few cod and yellowbelly that day.

I used to teach the students at Tenterfield High School how to make lures. I left Tenterfield and moved to East Maitland in 1997. I still make lures the traditional way (as Peter taught me) which involves cutting out back to back blanks, drawing carving lines, drilling, hand carving and sanding and using aluminium bibs. I still use 5 coats of undercoat, before wet and dry sanding to a perfectly smooth finish - just as Pete did. While I've still got fingers, that method will never die. I make a "lure making kit", based on the lure that the students used to make - an attempt to help get people started in lure making.

The long and short of this story is that Peter Newell was a bloody good bloke and will be sorely missed.

Travers Powell
(Powell Lures)

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Re: Please read this and contribute

Post by aussbasstony » Tue Jun 14, 2011 6:21 pm

I can not beleive that I have never read this post -duh

Things are slow around the trap and is a great time to re-read many old posts and even from years gone by reflect on what we collect and admire about a lure we hang in our cabinet.

Peter's lures are one I admire for the craftsman ship and finish of his lures. Sadly I never got the chance to meet Peter but am glad I have collected some of his heritage to remind me of the history of a great lure clapclap

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