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Re: Herbert Lures

Post by Jigmaster » Sat Aug 22, 2009 10:17 pm

H iguys

These are great lures - have a piranha model that is absolutely stunning.

Note however (I was asked elsewhere and couldn't find it) they are Hebert lures NOT Herbert lures - look at the photos above. The ones I have that are signed are all Hebert.

Very interesting - I have quite a few with singles - no split rings and a few with split rings and trebles. Got all mine via Worstling.

Out of interest - D. Pasfield - one of the best barra fishermen I know uses singles almost exclusively on his barra lures.

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Re: Herbert Lures

Post by RJFisher » Mon Aug 24, 2009 4:56 pm

Great post Jimmymate, they are great lures! clapclap thumbsupsmilie
I must have visited those Compleat Angler stores the day they didn't have any!! zippedsmilie

And thanks Old Jim for putting me onto this post. By the way you asked me how big my two Hebert Bardi's were a while back: biggest of the two is surprisingly only 105mm body only and the other is 65mm body only. They actually look much bigger given their profile, perhaps thats why they were very good on the cod. Your Bardi you mentioned must be a giant!

What a shame he doesn't make them anymore, he is a very talented lure maker from what I see.
Rohan thumbsupsmilie

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