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More to Think About Before We Shut Down

Posted: Mon May 04, 2015 8:39 pm
by vince.
More information from the givers of knowledge. Please look at the time lines & think about it, that`s all I ask.

A Lure for Mrs Newell.
by two-bob » Thu Jul 02, 2009 7:28 am
Whilst working in the New England this week I stopped in at Kathy Newell's home and spoke to her. Whilst there I found out that after Peter passed she did not have any lures that he had made which shocked me. I thought that there would have been many squirrled away by the family of his lures over the years, at least one of each of his anyway but in true Peter form he made them for fishing and gave them away to rattle around in tackle boxs.

I was shown a few lures that had been sent to her since January but I guess there would not have been more than 20 so I am hoping that the member here can retify that somewhat and maybe pool a few lure together that you have doubles of and perhaps the modrators or Kadaitcha club could pass them on? (This may have already been talked about so sorry if this is so)

I left one of my seemingly rare surface Scorpians with her to which she was very thankful (which showed me what they were worth to her and I was honored to be in a position to do so) and I am hoping that you guys who have collected some of Peter's lures can send one of them home.

A noble gesture Alistair, poor Cathy. But what about the three Bunyip`s I was offered just after Peter died. Did she forget about those. Frank Prokop rang me just after Peter died & told me of 3 prototypes that Peter was working on, apparently before he got too ill to continue. Frank even offered his valuable opinion on these lures. As these were the only 3, Cathy was asking $1800 for them. I agreed on the price & never heard another word. No doubt, I was used as a buyer to better & someone else got the lures. Not the first time Frank did this to me, but it was the last time. Good old Frank, everybody`s hero.

Very Nude Newell's
by two-bob » Sat Jan 09, 2010 12:15 pm
Here are 2 I picked up during the week. These are out of "that lot" of Newell lures that were left when Peter passed. I really wanted to get a couple of these ones 'as is' without having any finished off work done. (and I have no dramas with those that were clear coated or undercoated). They are a Kadaitcha that has been cut out to profile shape and carving lines drawn on by Peter and a big arsed Scorpion that has been carved and sanded to shape.

These are not Peter's last lures as some have assumed but rather I believe ones that were never finished, found in buckets, on shelves and places that any lure makers has some that were put to the side and never done for some reason over the years. The Scorpion here is an older shape which has the sharp kick in the belly/chin area and has the slight flat sides and sharp belly line. The later ones tended to be alot more rounded edging on them.

Something different and reasonably rare

Hang on a minute Alistair, I thought they were all given away. None in the shed, none squirrelled away, what has changed in 6 or 7 months. However,they certainly weren`t Peter`s last lures Alistair, only a fool could believe that Peter made them at all. Poor Cathy did sign them however & not that rare really, Brett Campbell has told anyone who wants to ask for the truth, he made around 200 of them in total.

This post is by another expert on another site,

I have been doing some further research with regard to the Bunyip lures. To date I am aware of a total of 22 painted Bunyips. There is also a faint lead for another possible set of three which I will endeavour to follow up in the near future.

To the best of my knowledge regarding these 22 painted Bunyips, 2 remain with Kathy Newell,

Funny thing here is that Frank Prokop told me that Cathy said there were only 3 made & I could have them for $1800. Poor Cathy. If he denies this, he is lying.
If I owned one of the others, I`d be asking, “Who made the others???” Or did Frank &, or Cathy lie to me. Surely not.

Re: More to Think About Before We Shut Down

Posted: Tue May 05, 2015 2:37 pm
by zaneswan
The end is near isnt it???

Re: More to Think About Before We Shut Down

Posted: Tue May 05, 2015 8:05 pm
by vince.
zaneswan wrote:The end is near isnt it???
lol lol

I don`t think so Zane. There are too many contradictions in these pages to remove them. If read carefully, all the manipulations become evident. If removed or left unchallenged, the myths will become & already are becoming facts. Who`s collectable & how much they are worth, for some reason, already seem to be set in stone. crazysmilie crazysmilie