Credit where credit is due !

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Re: Credit where credit is due !

Post by froggy06 » Thu Jul 03, 2014 8:22 pm

If this roumor is correct , I assume it would have to have been carried out by the people who had direct access to the site and not " just a member " . There must be only a hand full of people who had the access required to download its content or was access gained through " hacking " and if so what would be gained by hacking a " lure collecting site ". Vince and Albert , Is this also the reason why you are having so much trouble with the site ( spam , log outs , missing posts etc ) . Any thoughts or was it a case of " sour grapes " ( not you Falky ) ? Is it possible to " trace " the " hackers " or download history ? Any thoughts ?

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Re: Credit where credit is due !

Post by vince. » Thu Jul 03, 2014 9:39 pm

Jim, I was told how many gigabytes the site was when we acquired new, more economical hosting. Unfortunately, I can`t remember, as at the time it was all Blah, Blah, Blah to me. It`s not a big site compared to most & to answer Froggy`s question, but don`t quote me on this, you don`t have to be a rocket scientist to be able to download this or any other site. Apparently, there are only a few idiots like myself (& anyone else who wants to put their hand up), that doesn`t know how to do such things.

Maybe the thought of losing this wonderful forum was too much for some to bear, lol ,so they had to have their own copy. Who knows, but I thought it was just as important to keep the misinformation as it was to keep the facts.

Froggy, we didn`t bother spending the money on trying to trace the origins of all the problems that arose after the site changed hands. Couldn`t see the point. Why spend more when it will change nothing.

We were being undermined by someone, random or not, it doesn`t matter. We took the necessary security measures & make no apologies for that. My apologies to anyone who felt they were treated unfairly, but if you cannot see our point of view, then I don`t need to apologise any further.

As there has been no additional problems since we took these measures, I personally feel the actions taken were justified. We were not given this site, we purchased it & surely deserve the right to protect that purchase, sorry again to those who took offence.

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