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Esoteric Hoiks

Post by colsel » Fri Dec 23, 2011 11:43 am

Some more brilliance from Lofty. Some time back I forwarded a photo of a crayfish to Lofty as reference/inspiration for him to work with. As is usual his creative mind ran in all directions and he produced an amazing array of lures. To me they are works of art and I would never actually fish them but as he showed me yesterday in his swimming pool they all swim that well that they would be deadset fish magnets. Below is a copy of the original reference photo and shots of the two masterpieces that I have been lucky enough to add to my collection.

Original photo used as a reference.
ref cray1.jpg
Hoik Crays
hoiks top.JPG
noiks bottom.JPG

The "Big Hoik" is done with the same colour scheme of the original reference cray, while the "Long Hoik" is done in a Red Claw pattern.
Just cray-zy about these,
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