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Vintage D.A.M. Catalogue

Posted: Mon May 10, 2010 8:16 am
by diemai
G'day , people ,

This Sunday morning I've been strolling a few fleamarkets again and amongst a few lures I have found an old D.A.M. tackle catalogue in a very good condition , even with the separate pricing list still containing , also stamped by a long time gone tackle shop here in Hamburg/Germany .........only paid 1 Euro(1.44 AUSD) for it , .......underrated by far , I guess , luck yay yay yay !

It is the catalogue No. 27 , issued in 1961 , the year that I was born !

Just found it amazing to browse through and see all the old fishing stuff of yesteryear and recognize some of the D.A.M. vintage lures gems , that I had found on previous fleamarkets .

Also found the pricing list quite interesting , ......doesn't sound that much by the simple sums , but I guess , salaries were somewhat lower back then !

Anyway , I'd like to share a few views of that catalogue with you in here , probably you might enjoy watching the lure section of that catalog as much as I do !
Greetz , diemai howdy

Re: Vintage D.A.M. Catalogue

Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 10:26 am
by MXB
@diemai . . .

Excellent pickup and a great catalogue. I was just looking through your pics and admiring the German products of the D.A.M company. I've got a couple of lures that I will post and an earlier pike lure in box . . . you'll love these Dieter



Re: Vintage D.A.M. Catalogue

Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 10:59 am
by jimmy34
Thanks for posting that, very useful. Like Mully I think I will find all my DAMs and see how many I can tick off from that catalogue.

Re: Vintage D.A.M. Catalogue

Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 11:01 am
by MXB
Here's a Bananen-Wobbler . . .
And this very beautiful slightly earlier D.A.M (see more photos in tyhe D.A.M section);
Possibly one of my favourite lures to collect



Re: Vintage D.A.M. Catalogue

Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 3:47 pm
by diemai
Thanks a lot , folks , fact this find really made my day , though I don't call myself a collector , ........maybe it is , 'cause the catalogue is from the year , that I was born !

And I did not see it at first , .......that fleamarket was all full with most likely toys , womens and children clothing , household stuff etc . .

I had almost finished looking around(I was already in a good mood for having found a Mark Knopfler CD , as new without any scratches for only 1 Euro, shop price would be at least 7 to 10 Euros on sales)) , when my eyes fell on one clear plastic bag containing a card with three small casting spoons on it(failed to post a pic of these so far , will do soon) ,...... as I picked it up from the vendors table(was an older man) , I noticed a "Beno" and a snagless plastic lure underneath and asked him for the price .
He told me , that he wanted 1 Euro for each item and said , ...." I still have and angling book down there", ....... and pulled out that catalog from unterneath a stack of other books !
Took me just a second to grab it from his hands , thumb through and ask the price , ........."one Euro as well " he said , .........I gave him 4 Euros , picked my stuff and wished him a nice day commencing to walk back to the car droolsmilie !

Roger , these lures are great , do they even have any D.A.M. markings on them ?
I am familiar to the Banana , it must be a knock-off from an American lure as well , as I have seen one in an US collectors book , but can't remember details now , ......tried to build one like this , but it turned out a failure !

Thanks , .......greetz , Dieter howdy

Re: Vintage D.A.M. Catalogue

Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 4:03 pm
by MXB
@diemai . . .

No markings on any of the lures, bibs are unmarked too . . . just characterised by the hook hangers and other features. Just wanted to show you what they look like in real life and how cool the old boxes were. These catalogues are invaluable information on the lures that were made.

Now to find all the lures in the catalogue!!!

Keep up the fleamarket hunting . . . good stuff



Re: Vintage D.A.M. Catalogue

Posted: Tue May 11, 2010 5:05 pm
by diemai

Thanks , Roger , ...I had at least expected a stamping on their bibs , .......all of their metal spoons and spinners are marked with the D.A.M. letters(slightly differ through the different periods) , the older(1930's and earlier)also have the "goat" logo on them , I have read somewhere .

@ bullrout22

A couple of reels in there as well , ........if you want , I could put up some images in here as well ?

greetz , Dieter howdy

Re: Vintage D.A.M. Catalogue

Posted: Thu May 27, 2010 6:50 am
by fishaholiclures
Could you translate the details on the 1660 Bobby Wobbler on page 98/99 please.
It looks very much like the Pecos Articulated Trout which was made in France and often referred to as the Depose Trout.
They were also copied by Teal Fishing Lures in New Zealand. Interested to see if D.A.M also made a copy or maybe the original???

Cheers Brad

Re: Vintage D.A.M. Catalogue

Posted: Thu May 27, 2010 3:13 pm
by diemai
@ fishaholiclures

Sorry , Brad , but this is just a product describtion , doesn't say anything about the manufacturer :

"BOBBY-WOBBLER , made from plastic , two-sectioned , multiple colored , with bib on the head , preferable for fast flowing waters . Trimmed with a lead inlay , thus not floating" .

Available in sizes 40mm and 60mm and at weights of 4 grams and 11 grams .

There is a pictured thread somewhere in here about the "Depose Trout"(European section , I guess) , ........did some googling last night , but could not find more info on term "Bobby-Wobbler"(apart from differently looking modern namesakes) , ........lure collecting obviously is not a widely spread hobby over here in Germany , or local collectors probably don't like sharing info on the web(as written in an interwiew with a wellknown local collector , owner of the first site mentioned below) .

Two local sites , that I could find(sadly the "Bobby-Wobbler" not mentioned in there) :

Sorry , that I am unable to provide more assistance , ............greetz , Dieter howdy

Re: Vintage D.A.M. Catalogue

Posted: Fri May 28, 2010 4:21 pm
by fishaholiclures
Thanks for that help Dieter,
The mystery of whether they made a copy or resold the French made one will continue I guess.
At least the New Zealand made Teal copy had "TEAL" moulded into the bib to make identification easy.
Cheers Brad