Froggy Flatfish wanted for new pond

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Re: Froggy Flatfish wanted for new pond

Post by fishaholiclures » Thu Jan 21, 2010 6:46 pm

UPDATE 21/1/10
Thanks to the much appreciated help from L&M members rivermandave & skyewarrior bowsmilie I have filled a few more gaps.
I still need to locate:-
F2 Tenite
F2 Plastic
F3 Tenite
F3 Plastic
X4 Wood
X5 Wood
SPS Tenite
SPS Plastic
SPU Tenite
P8 Tenite
P8 Plastic
L9 Wood
L9 Tenite
M2 Tenite
T50 Wood
T55 Wood
T60 Wood
T61 Wood
T61 Plastic
#7 Fishcake Red Prop
#9 Fishcake Blk Prop
#11 Fishcake Red Prop
125 swimmerspoon Chrome
125 swimmerspoonlv Paint
175 swimmerspoonChrome
175 swimmerspoon Paint
200 swimmerspoon Chrome
200 swimmerspoon Paint
225 swimmerspoon Chrome
225 swimmerspoon Paint
250 swimmerspoon Paint
275 swimmerspoon Chrome
275 swimmerspoon Paint
300 Swimmersppon Paint
325 swimmerspoon Chrome
325 swimmerspoon Paint
350 swimmerspoon Chrome
350 swimmerspoon Paint
600 swimmerspoon Chrome
600 swimmerspoon Paint


Cheers Brad
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Re: Froggy Flatfish wanted for new pond

Post by Fragezeichen » Thu Jun 23, 2011 11:03 pm

Hi everybody!

New guy here, well for a certain reason, diemai pointed me to this forum from a german one where I was asking about some lures...looks like I could get my answers here.

I got an old box of lures and other stuff because the owner, who just got it days before from someone else doesn't use'em and seemed to want to get rid of'em. He didn't want to tell me from who he got it, maybe somebody in his family died or couldn't get any information from him. Mostly pretty usual stuff, but kinda old...DAM Damyl/Spinnfix Spinners, old Veltics and stuff like that. So I could roughly narrow down the time they were bought to the late 50s and early 60s (at least I think so, I'm not a collector or enthusiast like you guys here seem to be). But then I found some "strange" lures I had never seen around here with an even stranger set of hooks. That made me curious and finally led me here...

diemai already told me in the other forum that this might be Flatfishs, but I see some differences...


- color seems a little different
- middle hook "spacer" or whatever this is called is bend slightly different
- no markings at all (no letters, numbers, nothing)
- the "lip" is bent inward, pictures of wooden Flatfishs I saw here look like it's straight

additional info:
- made of wood
- white ground coat
- hooks might all be changed (changed one myself on the small one)
- it's a 2€ coin for size comparison, diameter is 25,75 mm (~ 1.01 inch)

Maybe you can tell me if these are Flatfish? Or were ever built under contract in europe? Copied in europe? Copied anywhere else and sol in europe?
Any hint/info is welcome!

Thanks in advance and best regards
Das Fragezeichen (the questionmark)

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