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Re: Rob Gaden R.M.G. Peter Newell

Post by lure crazy » Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:01 pm

If you both worked together, of coarse your lures are going to have similarities! Every one is entitled to their own opinion, It would be boring if everyone just agreed with Everything anyone says. Your lures are every where and have a great name for themselves! And obviously account for many many fish! Youve done extremely well for your self and good on ya! clapclap
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Re: Rob Gaden R.M.G. Peter Newell

Post by Lure-Nut » Fri Jun 05, 2009 9:09 pm

How great is this site .... 'legends' posting, active and participating, doesn't get any better than that - thanks Rob thumbsupsmilie thumbsupsmilie thumbsupsmilie


Cheers Rob

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Re: Rob Gaden R.M.G. Peter Newell

Post by Mully » Sat Aug 01, 2009 12:54 pm

Powelly wrote: I saw what it did to Pete and to see the responses to Rob's explanation, of his association with Pete, either means that you are a forgiving lot or just very naive of the facts.


I for one Travers am not as educated on Peter Newell and his business dealings or going ons behind closed doors as yourself. I am also not one to point a finger if i have no idea of the truth either so maybe i am naive or just never had the opportunity to be privvy to the inside info you do.
I have had the problem of always trusting people until proved otherwise, what go's on behind the scenes is not my business my business is to make sure topics dont blow up and cause undesired affects to everyone involved, not just you or peter or whoever every single member as no one is higher than another in reality, here we are all equal.With that in mind i take offence to your statement about being naive or others being called naive most are here to enjoy collecting and not get tangled in the constant rumours that never seem to be clarified anyway, we prefer to not get caught up and buy the lures we love but not get ripped off by a copy [this would be my main concern]. unfortunately what you or Rob have said is here say, some can decide to believe it some may say your full of crap also, many have said i am and its their opinion and their right to do so until some one has the spine to step up and admit the facts the tangled truth will continue and the naive like myself will follow and continue to collect lures regardless.
The problems with post like this is people get hurt and a lot of anger and contempt is brought out, I will however leave it open as again a free right to do so but as soon as it gets nasty its shut down no second thoughts.

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Re: Rob Gaden R.M.G. Peter Newell

Post by Rellik-doc-rob » Sat Aug 01, 2009 6:25 pm

two-bob wrote:It's in the past I know, and after this I will be leaving it there but I would be curious to know Rob why, if it was all legal and organised, did this seem to cause such a falling out and obvious strong emotions from the Newell's. Is it a case of Peter not reading the fine print of the agreement therefore resulting in the agreement giving allowances to you well beyond what Peter intended or some other reason?
G'day "Two-bob" just back on line....been working. In answer to your question , it was legal and documented. It was voluntary on Peters behalf that he
signed the Stat-dec , giving me permission to manufacture the Scorpion and use the name. One point alot of people overlook is that my RMG scorpion was a fair bit different to any that Peter had made prior. The profile was of course similar , but i put the first oval/circular bib in it .
As stated before in previous post by myself , a sum of money had changed hands ( the amount is no business of any body on this site or any where else,
but if i keep having to defend myself , then i have no choice but to tell all). The agreement as you call it , was not complicated . I had nothing to do with the writing of it. Peter organised, wrote and signed it . Come to my house in Glen Innes and gave it to me. The only thing i had to do with it , was receiving it . Im not sure if your aware that peter and i were still good freinds for at least 4 years after he gave me the Stat-dec agreement.
It was other outside interference that affected my freinship with Peter. Between 1985 and 1995 there would be hardly a week go by that Peter and i would not talk on the phone , or i would see him in tenterfeild or him drive to Glen Innes and see me. So the freindship did continue well after the document was given to me. And as i said , i had nothing to do with the writing of it , therefore i dont understand the misinterpretation or not reading of the fine-print.
There is quite a bit of detail to this story that i donot think is any business of any body not directly involved at the time. I know that alot of people have their own opinion , and that can only be formed from the things that they have heard. Therefore i dont hold any malice or bad feeling towards them,
but if i am accused of being the bad guy continually , by people who have an opinion without seeking the facts from both parties , then maybe it is time to put an end to it once and for-all. Rob

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