Pictured Vintage Lure Essays(in German)

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Pictured Vintage Lure Essays(in German)

Post by diemai » Sun Jun 27, 2010 4:45 pm

Hi , folks ,


This is a link to a section of the site of the German angling magazine "Der Raubfisch"(The Predatory Fish) dealing on famous European and German vintage lures . All of these have been published in that magazine before , .....but sadly it seems , that they have stopped these vintage lure reports so far ?

I hope , that it might be possible for the interested reader in here to run these essays through a translating program , ....at least there are some nice pictures to look at and in case of specific questions you could always call back on me , anyway !

Sorry , this topic is not about specific European lures to display ,........ did not know , where else to post it !

greetz , diemai howdy
Hurts so bad living in a loony bin !

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