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Another Finnish Bait

Posted: Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:36 am
by diemai
Got this one from a Finnish friend , it is a wooden lure and seems to be already older , since its badly beaten up.....I only wanted it to make knock-offs(which I never managed to achieve yet) oopssmilie .

The lure is made by the wellknown Finnish tackle manufacturer "Kuusamo" and is named "Puukhala" .
I am almost sure , that they still sell it today , since I have a flyer of them somewhere , only a few years old , and it's still in there . As far as I am concerned , they don't make a lot of crankbait models , they are rather famous for their metal lures like f. e. the "Proffessor" and "Räsänen" spoons .

The unique diving bill is stamped "Kuusamo , Finland" , it is a very shallow running lure .

greetz , diemai howdy


Re: Another Finnish Bait

Posted: Mon Aug 30, 2010 7:52 am
by diemai
Here is another vintage Finnish lure , that my friend Jio has sent to me a few days ago .

A rather rare and unknown local brand , I'd say , ....but due to it's very unusual hook rig well worth showing , ....the open shank doubles are stuck into bores inside of the lurebody with their shanks .

This plastic lure is supposed to me made in the early 1970's by a certain Benjamin Vanninen(an olympic medalist 1948 in skiing , passed away 1975) in Helsinki , the capital of Finland("Suomi" is the countries name in the local language) .

The box also contains a describtion flyer in Swedish and Finnish language , the Swedish version I could pick up , that the lure is supposed to be used for salmon .

The idea of the strange hook rig is , that if a fish get's hooked , it would pull out the open doubles from their guiding bores to be able to pivot reasonably freely , so it would be harder for the fish to lever out the hook .

But I really can't figure out about the purpose why the hookshanks are located inside of the body at all , ...........the bait does not look that extraordinary snagproof this way as well ???

Still an interesting lure thumbsupsmilie , anyway !
greetz , diemai howdy