F18 Floating 6 Generations

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F18 Floating 6 Generations

Post by rivermandave » Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:01 am

A friend of mine here in the states has a massive Rapala collection...and he was nice enough to show me how to tell the 6 generations of floaters apart from each other thumbsupsmilie

G1 is with the star designed foil coating. The red lines for the mouth, referred to as lipstick lines, are present on this generation. It also has the white press on belly with the black writing on the belly and on the plastic lip. This is a two hook design.

G2 not much changed other than the outer body on this version. Still with the lipstick lines, black writing, two hooks, and pressed on white belly.

G3 pretty much stayed the same, except it sports the three hook design.

G4 version has a painted on belly. The baits are a bit stouter too. Also gone at this point is the black writing on the belly and lip.

G5 version has more of a blended body. Not as much of a distinction or transition from sides to belly.

G6 the latest scheme has a change to the mouth, no longer sporting the lipstick lines. The white belly is almost completely gone.
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Re: F18 Floating 6 Generations

Post by marjastaja » Thu Jul 14, 2011 5:13 pm

Nice pic.

In Finland, the most available versions are through G4 to G6 nowadays. I mean they're on the shop shelves.

A little offtopic, but this reminds me, i need to get my hands on Rapala's 7 centimeters jointed special edition, where the other side of the whole lure is printed "Rapala". It's very good perch-catcher!

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