My Raps and a question...

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My Raps and a question...

Post by Jerk_Bait » Wed Sep 29, 2010 12:12 pm

Here is most of my Rapala lures. Some say "Original Rapala" on the bill, som say Finland some say Ireland. What is the dating difference?

The long length worn out model with the squared bill, it doesn't say Rapala but looks similar, any ideas on it?


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Re: My Raps and a question...

Post by fishaholiclures » Wed Sep 29, 2010 5:47 pm

Rapala's lure factory in Ireland was established in 1981 in Inverin, close to Galway at the west coast of Ireland. The factory closed in the end of April 2008.
The manufacturing functions of the Irish factory were be taken over by the Group's lure factory in Estonia. At the same time, significant part of assembly work transferred from the Estonian factory to Rapala lure factory in Russia, established in 2007.

Cheers Brad
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Re: My Raps and a question...

Post by diemai » Wed Sep 29, 2010 7:42 pm

@ Jerk_Bait

I can absolutely confirm Brad's info's , as they perfectly match an interview with "Rapala's" production manager , that I saw on a German angling magazine bonus DVD issued early this year .

Indeed that lure looks like a vintage "Rapala Original" , but it seems to me , that the square bill somehow doesn't match ?

Some more info on "Rapala" history in here in my thread "Some unknown aspects about Rapala history " , .........also looked up a site of a German angling magazine , in some previous issues vintage lures were on topic and kindly enough they've put it upon their site as well , .......please check,977/

Some pictures in there , probably the passage "Köder für Übersee" (lures for overseas) is of particular interest , says as much that during the Olympic summer games Helsinki 1952 the world got a first glance at "Rapala" lures , the first lures got to the USA , 1953 25 employees had already worked for "Rapala" , most likely in their own homes .

The largest Finnish tackle dealer Fritz Schröder ordered for 300 lures ,..... by that time all lures were still made of pine tree bark .

Between 1936 and 1955 51.404 lures passed the final quality control , but Lauri Rapala was unable to produce more than up to 3.000 lures per month that way , so he switched to balsawood as a better material for a more rational and quicker blank production .

The "finlander plugs" also hit the USA at some time , the 19th of March in 1960 the first 1.000 lures went to a big dealer in Minneapolis , one month later another order of 2.040 lures was made , .......through the entire year 1960 31.135 lures were sent to the USA .

But the the real big business came up in 1962 rather by accident , .......on the cover of an issue of the "Life" magazine there was a portrait of freshly deceased Marilyn Monroe and same time a story about Lauri Rapala was in it as well (the "Life" journalist especially travelled to Finland for it) , this finally resulted into an order of 3.000.000 lures for the US market within a short period of time , ....."Rapala" could not fulfill this demand and the prices for their lures got up , up to 25 bucks per piece . Smart tackle dealers had the idea to lend their lures away for a fee of 5 Dollars a day , 20 Dollars refundable security fee added !

Probably your lure is one of those early ones ?

greetz , diemai howdy
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Re: My Raps and a question...

Post by RDRQ2 » Mon Oct 04, 2010 12:24 am

square bibbed isn't a rapala could be anything from an alan cole bill norman tom mann to a dozen other differents but definately not a rpala

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