Some rather unknown aspects about Rapala's history

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Some rather unknown aspects about Rapala's history

Post by diemai » Tue Apr 06, 2010 3:28 pm

G'day , folks ,

Some days ago I had mentioned a DVD containing a report about famous Finnish lure companies in the video section in here .

Via Email I had also led a little discussion about that DVD topic with my good friend "Jio" from Finland .

So he told me some interesting aspects , that are not mentioned in the official company history of Rapala .

He had read about it in the Finnish book "Suomalaiset Uistimet" (Finnish Lures) .

Other than the official version published by Rapala it seemingly was not Laurii Rapala alone , who designed and carved those first lures , that made him famous around the world later , the first versions of the famous "Rapala Original" .

There was another lure carver named Toivo Pylväläinen , that Laurii Rapala knew in person and they both carved lures and went fishing together and it even is assumed , that Toivo might have been the first to come up with that particular lure design around 1936 and Laurii probably only did after him .

But at least they were inspiring one another in their lure work .

Around that time Toivo and his lures were at least more well known and popular locally than Laurii Rapala was ,...... Toivo even held patents on his lures(not the entire lures , but single features of them) , but these seemingly were of minor importance and impact .

To me Toivo did not seem to be a character of a businessman , fact he only made lures to sell or trade for forage , whenever he was in need .

It is also said , that Toivo was the one , who first had the idea of covering the lures with molten celluloid from film negatives .

So obviously Toivo Pylväläinen had a deep influence on Laurii Rapala's lure work ,........ and who knows , where the "world of lures" would be nowadays without Toivo Pylväläinen ,.........a name completely unknown , ........ at least outside of his homeland .

Here is a brief biography and old time picture of Toivo Pylväläinen , it seems to be a site from a Finnish fishery museum :

Here is a picture of a "supposed to" Pylväläinen lure :

Some more pictures of Toivo's lures , certain to be made by him , ........please excuse the probably improper sizing :
My gratitude goes to my good friend "Jio" for having provided pictures and info from Finnish media !

greetz , diemai
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