YO-ZURI I think

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Re: YO-ZURI I think

Post by Jigmaster » Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:40 pm


A fascinating perspective which I think hits the nail on the head for many Australian collectors.

I exchanged emails with a number of the American 'gurus' over the years asking them what lures they saw as good investments. Ok many of them wouldn't look at a lure that wasn't mint and pre - WWII but basically they thought I was totally mad.

They ought lures that were valuable now and going to be more valuable in the future - like the guy who just paid $655 for a Kadaitcha - it WILL go up in price.

But I love scrounging lures that are bargains today and that I know will grow in value. That is one reason why I invested in salesman's samples because they were unwanted and I knew that they must go up in value.

Having your kids interested is a huge bonus!

PS Think your post is important enough to copy to he general discussion forum mate.

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Re: YO-ZURI I think

Post by Mully » Tue Oct 07, 2008 10:47 pm

our children if keen will only help keep the truth and information about these lures alive i have a few very old lure stashed away because my 50-70 year old lures when they are [my children] 50-70 years old will be reliks, my oldest is 8 so a lure over 120 years old could be very very interesting to say the least [how exciting] i wish it was done for me but i will try and pass on a tradition to them.


Re: YO-ZURI I think

Post by Fizza » Sun Nov 02, 2008 7:41 am

Jigmaster wrote:Just a quick word of warning on the L-Jack's. There were a number of 'copies' made with varying degrees of success.

The originals came in a box with Attacl and they were often called Attack minnows by those that liked them.

I've checked mine and am sure that yours is genuine - but there are some copies out there. Buy in the box if in doubt and these lures will reward you. They fit the collector and fisher both wanting them category.
I've got a handful of L-Jacks in floating & sinking and the S/S bibbed sinking lures are bib stamped.

I'll hunt down the others and check for marks on them & post results of what i can find.

I may be wrong with a fading memory, but didn't the Hot Joker and a few others also have Attacl on the original boxes?

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