ito Do-Rum classic

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ito Do-Rum classic

Post by vince. » Wed Sep 12, 2012 5:48 pm

Picked these up in a little tackle shop run by a beautiful old lady, who`s son was a champion Bass fisherman in Japan. We had coffee & she showed me pics of her son in the fishing mags. A great experience at Hakone-Machi on the shore of Lake Ashinoko, which is at the base of Mt Fuji.. I purchased 3 lures, these are 2 of them. Fantastic things in timber, the pics just don`t do it.
ito screamx & do-rum 001.JPG
ito screamx & do-rum 002.JPG
ito screamx & do-rum 004.JPG
ito screamx & do-rum 005.JPG
ito screamx & do-rum 006.JPG
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Re: ito Do-Rum classic

Post by Mully » Mon Oct 01, 2012 11:28 pm

they are very nice lures Ito have a very nice range in the top shelf gear you will also find yamaha megabass collections Vince in wood they are hard to find now and come in a wooden box set but are in my opinion amongst the best woodies ever made.
I have a soft spot for them but unfortunately the range and price is right up there crazysmilie

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