Buy me a River

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Buy me a River

Post by nik0demus » Fri Feb 27, 2009 10:38 pm

Sorry guys, I should have included this:

Dear friend,

The Murray-Darling is at breaking point - literally dying of thirst.

The Murray-Darling Basin accounts for over 40% of Australia's agricultural production and grows almost a third of all our food. It's Australia's food bowl. Could we survive without this mighty river system?

It's time to implement urgent solutions to save it - as things heat up in the coming months, the Coorong Lakes at the Murray's mouth may even dry up completely before summer's end. Click here to help save the Murray-Darling before we turn our nation's food bowl into dust bowl:

We've spoken to scientists, environmentalists and farmers, and learned there are three things our Federal Government must do, right now, if the mighty Murray is to flow again:

Recover and release 500 gigalitres of water into the river system by the end of the year, and 4000 gigalitres overall to prevent our food bowl turning into a dust bowl.
Create an emergency Interim Basin management plan, including a focus on the Coorong and Lower Lakes. This could be done in a matter of weeks, as a precursor to establishing a truly independent authority that is not held to ransom by State governments' veto power.
Establish a national freshwater reserve system to protect rivers, wetlands and estuaries of high value to the river. As a first step, urgently intervene to save the Murray River Red Gums, the river's "green lungs" suffering from State inaction.
Everyday Australians can send a vital message of urgency to the Federal Government that we need to do more, and now. Click here to sign the petition to Save the Murray-Darling:

The Senate is holding an inquiry today in Canberra, hearing testimony from scientists on just how serious the situation has become. Just this morning, scientists gave evidence that use of water across the Basin needs to be halved below the current cap.

A decisive statement from the Australian community now could tip the scales and achieve the urgent State and Federal government action needed to keep the rivers flowing. More than just a national icon, take a stand today for Australia's food bowl.

With hope,
The GetUp team

PS - As the science develops, the need for urgent action becomes clearer - click here to sign the petition to Save the Murray-Darling, before things heat up in the coming months.

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