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Post by loomis » Mon May 24, 2010 3:32 pm

I was about to ask what would of been a silly question, but as it turns out it has already been explained in another thread. This is in regards to the different writing and the bent bibs.

This information was helpfull, but there was nothing about the years these changes took place. I was wondering if someone could answer the following questions.

1) When were the timber Knols produced?
2) What year did they go plastic?
3) Are the first plastic lures urethane?
4) when (if they were Urethane) did they go for the cheaper plastic design?
5) When did the small print start appearing on the bellies?
6) When did the larger fancier print start appearing?
7) Has anybody got any that they want to sell/trade?

Please note I am after the years here guys and girls.

Thanks in advance,

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