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Rocks in Their Heads.

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 1:31 pm
by vince.
I have given this thread a title directly quoted from one of the intellectual giants of the current crop of lure collecting geniuses.

This little rant is in response to my mate Albert`s very eloquent rant in the thread, “The Poor Cousins”. clapclap I didn`t think it right to taint such an informative thread with my vitriolic manner that will no doubt emerge in this post. I must apologise in advance if I offend any or all the dumb f**ks out there who write without knowledge or thought, but really, -duh -duh WTF are you arrogant idiots thinking when you write this sort of shit on face book.

I really don`t know where to start on yet another perfect illustration of the lure collecting fraternity`s hypocrisy. As Albert stated on the comments made in this discussion, “some of which were quite sensible”. I totally agree, as anyone who bothered to enquire to the facts would agree.

Unfortunately, and I don`t know these people personally, but the other uninformed contributors vividly illustrate a point I have been talking about for years. We are not all mates as we pretend, we are however, great mates as long as we conform to the opinion of the current elite, if we don`t , we have rocks in our heads and deserve to be told so.

Let`s face it, some self-appointed know-all`s have made it clear, they have more right to decide what we should collect than we do.The price we should pay is even their decision as well. In this case a decision was made on a man who probably by now has his set of timber Stumpies, and wishes to have a yet rarer set of Plastic Stumpies. His decision I would think and not really a topic for public approval. Let`s not forget that there`s always someone who knows more than us. I may be wrong, but I think the person accused of having rocks in his head, has vastly more knowledge of Stumpies than most of the contributors.

Almost every day you see someone ask in a facebook post, are these collectable, ID and value. Believe it or not, they always get a definitive answer on all of the above. I didn`t realise when I started collecting lures seriously that there were so many people out there who knew so f**king much. All we had to rely on years ago was our old legend “Frankie” bowsmilie bowsmilie who was thought by many to know everything back then. Do we remember the all-knowing, Frank Prokop. He was the first person acknowledged and crowned as our leader bowsmilie bowsmilie all because of his unsurpassed knowledge of lures. He knew so much that he declared the pearl Stumpie, as the most collectable lure in this country. Frank, you idiot, it was plastic, plastic, do you have rocks in your head. Maybe the rocket scientists who were quick to condemn have never heard of the pearl stumpie or some one’s right to collect what they like to collect.

Of course the seller and ebay got they usual share of condemnation. smckin smckin As it turned out, this was all false. crazysmilie Not one of those pointing the finger has since posted so much as a “oops got that one wrong, sorry about that chief”. -duh -duh The need of some to interfere in other people`s business and call it looking after the greater good, always amazes me. susssmilie

The lure hub oz bullshit deserves it`s own post, sorry Gus, we`ll get to that.. zippedsmilie

Re: Rocks in Their Heads.

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:22 pm
by ocd1688
As usual I don’t think there will be any replies my friend nope

These new public platforms can be very crowded.

There was a lone voice that said “what hope have we newbies got”.

The need for accurate information is paramount for avoiding being lead down the wrong garden path.

If one read that timber stumpies were marketed in hinged plastic boxes , with a pic to depict as such, one would believe such info because it is in a web page.

But this info is wrong, unfortunately.

However the concept of this web page is excellent, I think you might agree.

But if the info is incorrect, than the Newbies has no hope -crazy -hmmthink


Re: Rocks in Their Heads.

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 12:03 pm
by vince.
ocd1688 wrote:
Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:22 pm
But if the info is incorrect, than the Newbies has no hope
Totally correct mate. What hope do they have.

A couple of quotes regarding the new lure collecting web site Albert is referring to. These are the founder`s reasons and justifications for his new site.

“My reason for doing this is that the info is just scattered throughout forums with lots of opinions and misinformation and often little fact. The website will be information based with no forum.”
I find this an interesting statement. I couldn`t agree more and a great concept as anyone would agree. Two things came to mind when I received this in a private message asking for my help as a high profile collector as he put it. Actually there were three things came to mind.

1. I was insulted to be put in the same company as some of his two faced high profile collectors. What an arrogant elitist statement to make. That was when I first realised the type of man involved in setting up this new website.

2. I have been talking for many years about the opinions based on false info and the lack of interest in correcting the facts. This man was a moderator and a would be high profile contributor on this site for many years. This is a point he was quick to make when he broke the forum rules and thought this entitled him to do so. However, not once did I see any talk or support from this same fellow about the need to get it right while he was on this forum.

3. Leading on from #2, how then was he going to obtain the facts for his new info based site. Stealing from this forum and borrowing from others doesn`t sound like the logical choice. Particularly when you have already stated that the reason for a new one is to avoid the misinformation in the forums.

“All I am trying to do is unite the lure collecting fraternity with setting up a website as a resource that will be free for everyone.”
What a noble gesture. Probably believes this. Arrogant superior individuals do tend to believe in their own importance. It`s just a shame it wasn`t possible to try this in the many years prior to his own site.

Unfortunately this brilliant new idea is no more accurate than any of the forums. Having all the info easily accessed and very well set out is a credit to the creators of this new site. The problem is and always was going to be, getting the facts. Misinformation easily accessed is still misinformation. This new site is now being used as a fact checker for many. Sadly just like this forum, if you can`t trust some of the info, how can you trust all of the info. Who gets to choose one from the other.